Safari In Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park is one of the most visited tiger reserves in India. The sheer beauty, grace and might of the unscathed nature of the Ranthambore forest are enough to fascinate wildlife lovers to this place. The magical characteristics of this national reserve park can easily be explored through the Jungle safari organized by the forest officials. The Ranthambore national park, which is predominantly ruled by nature, encompasses a plethora of wildlife species. Safari tour is the only option to visit deep in the Jungle and get a chance to sight a tiger. With the mesmerizing landscape of the park that boasts of exotic lakes, dense deciduous trees, water holes and various small hill along with the ruins of ancient monuments, exploring the park can be a memorable experience of the lifetime. The fauna which include hundreds of bird species and wild mammals and reptiles will provide you a sense of adventure with the feeling of expected sighting or encountering of wild predators like tigers, leopards, wild boars, etc.

ranthambore jeep safari

The safari for the Ranthambore national forest can be booked online from us and the booking can be done a maximum of the 90 days in advance. One can book the safari online by paying the required fees on our website, which includes entry fee, Jeep or canter fee and naturists/ guide fee and the accommodation charge. The entry fee, jeep or canter fee and guide fee are mandatory whereas the accommodation is optional. There is no any type of accommodation is available inside the Ranthambore national park. However, there are plenty of budget hotels, luxurious hotels and exotic resorts available outside the park, just at the fringe of the park. You can stay there for the night and go for the safari tour in the morning or afternoon shift. The safari service is available in the two shifts - one is the morning and one in afternoon. The safari tour for the public is allowed during the months from October to June of every year. One shift is 3 and a half hour long only and the entry and exit time is fixed which changes with the changing of the season.

There are two types of vehicle is available for the safari - one is a jeep having six seats and the second is a canter having 20 seats. The total of the 20 jeeps and 20 canters are allowed in one shift and both the vehicles are the open from the top and sides especially modified for the best viewing experience. All these vehicles are attached to the forest department for the safari tour. The guide or trackers also are the registered naturalist and belong to the local communities who know the Jungle since many generations and very well aware of the behaviors of the wild animals of the park. As there is a large rush of wildlife tourist in the Ranthambore, so it is highly advised to book the safari, especially the jeep safari in advance before visiting the Ranthambore. At the entrance of the park, some formalities are necessary to fulfill at the entry gate such as filling up the forms with the naturalist details, visitors' details, etc.

safari in ranthambore
ranthambore safari

How to Book Safari In Ranthambore National Park :

The booking for the Jungle safari at Ranthambore National Park is managed and controlled by the forest department of the Government of Rajasthan. Both online and offline booking facility is available for the Ranthambore tiger reserve. One can make online booking from the website of the Ranthambore forest department as well as the offline booking can also be done at the office of Ranthambore National Park at the Sawai Madhopur. Currently, 20 Jeeps and 20 Canters are allowed for the safari in one shift with having the 6 seats in a Jeep and 20 seats in a Canter. The safari is allowed in two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A guide or naturist is mandatory to enter the park. So, you will get the entry permit after the full payment of all the fees which includes entry fee, vehicle fee and guide fee in advance. The booking is done on the first come, first serve basis and is subject to availability. The allocation of the safari zone takes place on the spot and the zone is allotted randomly by the forest officials.

Note: The fees are non-refundable in any situation after the confirm booking.

Online Booking Procedures of the Jeep and Canter Safari

In order to book your seat in the Jeep or Canter Safari, you have to follow the following procedures and have to provide the required information regarding all the visitors

  • Visit the online safari booking page: Click Ranthambore Booking
  • Provide all the required information about each visitor: Full name, Age, Sex (as printed on the ID proof provided by you)
  • Choose the Date for the safari & Safari timing ( Morning/Afternoon )
  • Choose the type of Vehicle ( Jeep/ Canter )
  • Provide Identity card numbers of all visitors : For Indian Nationals: Voter Id No., Aadhar Card No., Pan Card No., Driving License No. or any other Govt. ID.)
  • For the Foreign Nationals : Only the passport is valid as the Identity card
  • Pay the Safari Entry Fees in advance
  • Please carry the same ID card at the time of the safari that is submitted during the online booking.
  • Booking of Jeep/ Canter safari in Ranthambhore National Park is subject to availability.
  • Safari zones are allotted randomly at the time of safari so no zone preference is entertained.
  • You will be picked up from your boarding place in Ranthambhore before your scheduled safari.

Tatkal Safari Booking in Ranthambore -

The forest department of the Ranthambore National Park has also initiated a Tatkal booking quota from October 2016 on the line of the Tatkal ticket booking system in the Indian Railway. The Tatkal booking system in Ranthambore is managed by the forest officials at the booking counter in Ranthambore. The Tatkal booking quota is available for the foreigners and Indian visitors alike with an extra charge as a Tatkal fee of total INR 10000 per Jeep safari instead of the regular safari fee of INR 4400 per Jeep. Under this quota, a maximum of 20 Jeeps is allowed to tackle a large number of tourists visit daily without any prior advance booking. So, if you didn't book your safari in advance before visiting at Ranthambore then you don't have to disappoint as you can avail this facility of Tatkal booking by paying around double the amount of the regular booking charge. Tatkal booking can be made a day prior to the safari date.

safari in ranthambore
ranthambore jeep safari

Full Day / Half Day Safari in Ranthambore -

Ranthambore National Park offers an exclusive full day and half day safari service to explore the forest from sunrise to sunset to your heart's content in your choice of zone from zone 1 to zone 5. On the line of the full day safari services offered by the National Parks in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Ranthambhore forest officials also started a full day and a half day safari options from 2016. A limited number of Jeep is allowed to enter the park under this service and the GPS monitored vehicles are allowed to move freely within the tourism zone 1 to 5. A maximum of 6 persons is allowed in a Jeep except for the mandatory Naturist/ Guide and the driver. The full day safari is permitted for 12 hours which starts at 6 am and lasts at 6 pm whereas half day safari is for 6 hours from 6 am to 12 noon.

Safari Vehicles -

For the safari tour in any zone of the Ranthambhore tiger reserve, two types of vehicles are allowed to enter into the Jungle. One is an open Jeep with having 6 seats and the other is an open bus called canter with having 20 seats. There is a limit to the number of vehicles enters the park in one shift. The total of 40 vehicles is allowed in one shift, in which 17 jeeps and 20 canters are for tourists and 3 jeeps are for VIP guests. Only the vehicles which are registered with the forest department for the safari tour are allowed to enter. Safari vehicles which are not registered with the forest department or the private vehicles are not allowed inside the forest in any circumstances. The seats in the permitted safari vehicles are booked in advance and it is advised to book your seat prior to visiting the Ranthambore, as it is very hard to get the booking on the spot especially get the seat in Jeep safari is almost impossible on the spot. If you are touring in a group of more than 6 adults then it is best to book your seats in canter safari. Exploring the magnificent surroundings of the Ranthambore tiger zone all together will be a memorable experience. If you are single or a group up to 6 adults, then Jeep safari will be really the best option for you. Jeep safari is the most popular way to explore the Jungle and nothing could beat this experience. However, if you couldn't get the seats in a Jeep safari then booking the seats in a Canter safari is also not a bad option. Both the vehicles use the same route in any zone, so the chances of sighting a tiger are same in both the vehicles.

Terms & Conditions for the Safari in Ranthambore National Park -

  • No refund or cancellation is acceptable after the confirmed booking.
  • The entry permits are non-transferable and non-exchangeable
  • The fees regarding the safari may be revised without any notice and visitors have to pay the difference to the officials at the entrance gate at the time of entry into the park.
  • The Government of Rajasthan reserves the Right to Admission.
  • The opening and closing time may be changed or the park or any particular zone may be closed without any prior notice in case of any emergency.
  • Visitors are required to submit the photocopy of the Identity proof at the entrance before the entry into the park.
  • The original ID proof will be checked at the time of entry.
  • There is no charge for using the still camera.
  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change, may append or amend without prior notice or information due to various Govt. Policies.