Sher Bagh Resort In Ranthambore

As the number of visitors in Ranthambore is growing with every passing day, hotels and resorts in Ranthambore are getting prepared to enhance their guest services with high class accommodation options. SherBagh hotel in Ranthambore is one of the most famous hotels that is located in the neighbourhood of the tiger reserve. It is a spectacular tented camp hotel that has 12 handmade canvas tents which feature an impression of twenties.

All the camps in SherBagh are well-furnished with campaign furniture – Edwardian. These tents consists of splendid bathrooms and showers which are referred as hedonists delight and many people who have had an accommodation in SherBagh believes that this hotel is the best thing in the symphony of Ranthambore.

There is a library cum bar which is built on the upper storey of main building of the hotel which is a real treat to the guests. So, the place is wonderful to unravel game drives after you have done with your safari excursions in tiger reserve. Guests are provided with flawless wireless facilities which help them connected with outer world for always and this surrounding grows their love towards nature.

Dining Experience in SherBagh Hotel in Ranthambore

Everywhere around, you find the arboreal lanterns which delight the pathways. Campfire is being lit everywhere to glorify the surrounding. Filled with wild grasses as well as beautiful starlit sky at night present the best dining experience to guests when they have their dinner in traditional thali's and get engage in exclusive talks of jungle and wildlife with one another. In case, guests demand to have dinner separately in a secluded place, then the staff arranges the same in the private outdoor area with their camp. So, it is another great way to have private special dining experience with the ones you love.

In this hotel, you are served with the best quality multi-cuisines that include western lunches, traditional dinner of Indian style and much more. The dinner is prepared on clay ovens. Over and above, to bring nutrients in the meal, the cooks use home-grown vegies, herbs and other ingredients. Using hand-picked vegetables from the private garden of the hotel, the cooks prepare the most hygienic and the most delectable food that has no match around. The hotel organizes live cooking which allows the guests to take part and also, to see the cleanliness and high level of hygiene to be followed by the cooks.

Other Facilities & Features of SherBagh Hotel in Ranthambore 

SherBagh is a great hotel in Ranthambore which offers some unique facilities which make it different from others. Apart from superior food quality, this hotel presents outstanding facilities that enhance overall stay of the guests here. The notable facilities of SherBagh hotel include arrangement of campfire, laundry, dining tent, swimming pool, medical service, bar, fax, library, internet connection, AC tents, jungle spa and game drives.

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