Prevalent Stories About Tigers In Ranthambore

Ranthambore national park is a legendary park comprises of many exciting legends that are quite famous all around Rajasthan. Being a unique Indian reserve, this park has many unique stories to tell you. The presence of majestic Bengal Tigers in this region are the main roots of these legends. This park is a perfect place to see the biggest tiger territory. Everyone who is familiar with Ranthambore is much aware of the presence of tigers as it is the real paradise for tigers and in ancient time, it was the main hunting place for Jaipur kings.

Certainly the incredible landscape and assorted variety of flora and fauna accompanied by mainstream dry deciduous factors make the climate more enchanting for tigers. It seems as the higher numbers of tiger in this place encouraged officials to take few of them away to nearby tiger reserve in Sariska where had been scarcity in tiger numbers.

Though in Ranthambore national park, every tiger gets a distinctive position and they are preceded by individual legend with them. It is quite interesting as every tiger-enthusiast coming to this park makes a happy story with a tiger that he takes back with him at home. Visitors enjoy seeing Machali T - 16 - a toothless yet majestic tigress who often becomes a star in the pictures of tourists. Tourists love watching her spending time with her cubs as she introduces her small ones to the entire world even when they are so young. Just like her, the vacationers feel attracted towards Romeo which is numbered as T-6, the desiring lover of Laila - T - 41 that keeps on trying to get her attention. Everything is truly amazing and you will love when you personally observe all these tiger stories from Ranthambore National Park.

Recently, there is a growth in number of tigers as the current count reaches to 22 with Durrah - T-22 which has been seen with two cubs of her in this region. Their presence in the region is amazingly indexed already. Many other cubs had also been found in this park which include 2 cubs of T-5, 2 cubs of T-8, 3 cubs of T-19, 2 cubs of T-31, 3 cubs of T-30, 2 cubs of T-26, 2 cubs of T-13 and 3 cubs of T-11.

As these young cubs are growing to achieve their adulthood, it seems in coming time, this national park would perhaps have lack of space to reside the new generation of tigers. Though it is a great thing for tiger enthusiasts, yet the growing numbers of tigers is also making their safety as the big concern. With proper management and strategy, the forest authority has to extend the space; so that, a new damaged Tail story can be stopped.

The legends and lifetime memories of majestic Bengal tigers have a real potential to encourage you to be a great spectator of these amazing creatures. It is the time to jump deep inside these tiger stories and make you excite with them right here.