FAQs on Visit to Ranthambore National Park

Q. Which is the best way to visit Ranthambore National Park?
A. The nearest town to Ranthambore is Sawai Madhopur which is also a famous heritage Railway Junction. So, the rail route is the best and most convenient option to reach Ranthambore from any part of the India. The Sawai Madhopur station located on the main Delhi-Mumbai railway network and thus has the multitude of trains directly connects this station to the other main stations of India. Further, you will get the cab, taxi, local Bus to travel from the Sawai Madhopur station to Ranthambore. If you are visiting Ranthambore by road in your private vehicle then you have to choose the shortest and safest road route. If you are coming to Ranthambore from Jaipur side, then choose the road via Tonk as this is the best route. If you are coming from the Agra route then it would be easy to take the road via Dausa. Ranthambore is around 180 km from the Jaipur and around 280 km from the Agra city.

Q. When is the best time to visit Ranthambore National Park?
r>A. The park remains open for tourist from 1st October to 30th June of every year and rest of the month, from 1st July to 30th September, the park is closed due to monsoon. Due to being a desert reason, the heat is intolerable during the peak summer season that's why from November to March is the best time to visit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. If you are a bird lover then November to February is the best time to visit Ranthambore, as numerous species of exotic migratory birds migrate here during winter season making the park paradise for birding. The summer season, from April to June, is very hot as temperature soars up to 47 degree Celsius, making very difficult to step outside in the daytime. However, the chances of tiger sighting are relatively higher in the summer.

Q. What to carry while visiting Ranthambore?
A. The things you should carry depend on which season you are visiting in Ranthambore. Below is the season-wise information about things to carry during your trip to Ranthambore-

During the winter season, from November to February, you must carry the sufficient warm clothes as the temperature drops down to 2 degree Celsius during peak winter. Warm clothes which you must pack are sweaters, jackets, hand gloves, mufflers etc. If you have the morning safari booked in the winter then you should also carry a blanket on the safari.

During the summer season, from April to June, the weather gets hot with the scorching sun over your head. So, it is best to carry loose full-body cotton clothes along with a hat, sunglass and a scarf. You should also carry sunscreens while going on an afternoon safari in summer as you are out in the open roof Jeep or Canter. If you have the evening safari booked then you should also carry a mosquito repellent cream or spray to avoid mosquitoes in the forest.

Q. Which is the best safari zone for the tiger sighting in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve?
A. The Ranthambore National Park is divided into the 10 safari zones. All the zones are open for both the Jeep Safari and the Canter safari. Both the vehicles travel on the same route in any zone which is allowed as the safari-tracks. The safari zone is allotted randomly by the forest officials to the safari Jeeps and Canters at the time of the entry so you cannot do anything to change your allotted zone. However, zone 1 to 5 is considered as the best zones for the tiger sighting as these zones have most of the lakes and water bodies where tigers often visit for water or to catch its prey. However, all the zones are equally rich in wildlife and are the territories of different tigers. So, there is no such thing as good zone and bad zone as a safari in any zone will take you deep into the forest.

Q. Which is a better option for safari - JEEP or CANTER?
A. Both the safari vehicles are modified for the best viewing experience and good for the jungle safari. However, the Jeep safari offers more close viewing experience than the Canter safari but a bit more expensive. Both the vehicles are open from all sides for the best experience of the wildlife viewing and allowed on the same track inside the park, but being a small vehicle, the Jeep can go on the smaller tracks too and also makes less motor noise than the Canter. No doubt, the Jeep safari is the better option than the Canter but if you are in a large group, then it's better to opt for the Canter safari. As the Jeep can carry maximum the six persons while Canter can carry 20 persons.

Q. Which is better - Morning Safari or Afternoon Safari?
A. Though both the Morning and Afternoon safaris offer the equal wildlife viewing experience and the tiger sighting can happen in any safari. But considering the chances of tiger sighting, the morning time has slightly better chances of tiger sighting than the afternoon time, as the tigers avoid the harsh sun rays and normally don’t come out in open when the sun is strong. However, during the winter season, the afternoon safari offers the better chances of tiger sighting as you can find them basking in the sun in winter. So, you can say morning is better in summer and afternoon is better in the winter season.

Q. What are the chances of tiger sighting in Ranthambore?
A. The Ranthambhore National Park is considered as the best destination in the world for spotting tigers in its natural habitat. Though, the tiger sighting is a matter of luck as the Tigers are known to be a shy and elusive big cat. The presence of the tiger in any area depends on many factors like prey density, climate, availability of water bodies and forest density, etc. Normally, tigers come out in the open to only to find and kill its prey or securing its territory. A good forest guide can predict the presence of a tiger in any area by interpreting the Nature signs such as animal alarm calls, pug marks, the presence of signs indicating a prey kill, etc. Generally, tourists get the tiger sighting after taking three or four safaris in different timings and different zones in Ranthambore National Park. Though the tiger sighting is the prime concern for the wildlife tourists visiting the Ranthambore, there are numerous other wild animal species, unique wild flora and exotic avifauna which you one should also focus on to explore the forest truly.

Q. What are the Safari timings in the Ranthambore National Park?
A. In the Ranthambore National Park, the safari timings are followed by the timings of the sunrise and sunset as the safari is only allowed half an hour after the sunrise till half an hour before the sunset. So, the safari entry timings vary with the change of the season. From 1st October to 31st October, the morning safari is at 07.00 am while afternoon safari is at 02.30 pm. From 1st November to 31st January, the morning safari is at 07.00 am while the afternoon safari is at 02.00 pm. From 1st February to 31st March, the morning safari is at 06.30 am while afternoon safari is at 02.30 pm. From 1st April to 15th May, the morning safari is at 06.00 am while the afternoon safari is at 03.00 pm. From 15th May to 30th June, the morning safari is at 06.00 am while the afternoon safari is at 03.30 pm.

Q. What are the requirements for booking a safari online?
A. In order to book a safari online, we required the Full Name, Address, and Any Govt authorized identity card number such as voter id no., driving license no., pan card no., etc. (passport number in case of foreigner tourist) of each and every person. Along with the personal details, you also need to provide the date and shift on which you want to do the safari. You also have to pay the full price of the safari booking in advance.

Q. How much payment do I have to make in advance for the safari booking?
A. For the Safari booking in advance, you need to make full payment of the safari in advance as the safari booking is controlled by the government authority at Ranthambhore National Park and the safari is booked only after paying the full amount in advance. Also, the confirm safari booking is absolutely non-refundable on cancellation, non-transferable and non-adjustable.