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Hamir T-33 Died after the Territorial Infighting in the Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore, Jaipur

News Update: 20-September-2017

It is sad news for the wildlife enthusiasts and tiger lovers that a territorial fight in the Ranthambore tiger reserve claimed the life of one more tiger. The incident happened on Tuesday in the Chiroli region of the Ranthambore forest where two tigers got into the fight over the territory claim. In this infighting, the tiger T-33 named 'Hamir' got injured badly and later succumbed to its injuries..

The Tiger T-33 was the eldest son of the famous Tigress Husn-Ara (T-30) and was ruling the Chiroli and Anantpura area of the Ranthambore forest and was living there after separating from his mother. The tiger was often spotted near the Kacheda Valley by the tourists. Hamir was not a shy Tiger and thus was quite popular among the tourists. The news comes as a shock for the wildlife lovers.

On Tuesday, the forest guards found the Tiger T-33 was lying injured at the periphery of the Park in the Khandar area. They informed the administration and the medical team arrived and started the treatment after tranquilizing the big cat. The tiger had gotten very serious injuries on the front legs and neck. Even after lots of effort of the medical team, the tiger couldn't survive to its injuries and died the next day on Wednesday.

However, the identity of the other tiger is still unknown, but it is speculated that the tiger might be T-75 because recently its movement had been noticed in the territory. At present, there are 65 tigers in which 45 males and 20 females are living in the Ranthambore National park. The park spreads in around 392 sq km and is one of the high-density tiger reserves in India. Due to which infighting for the territory claim has increased here.