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22 May 2017

An Unprecedented Fight between Two Female Tigers in Ranthambore to Claim the Watering Hole

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

News Update: 22-May-2017

A series of amazing photographs showing the thrilling fight between two mature tigresses emerged on the internet which tells the frightening story of quarrels in the jungle over the taking claims over the watering hole in the Ranthambore National Park.

The photographs which said to be clicked by Aditya Singh are providing the vivid image of the fight. Two females can be seen scratching each other with their strong claws and trying to batter each other with their fierce blow.

Both the females were captured near the water hole amidst the rocky terrain in the tiger reserve park located in the northern Indian state, Rajasthan.

According to the photographer, the battle between them was ignited when both the tigress along with their cubs arrived at the water hole at the same time to drink the water.

However, the fight has lasted for a very short period of time around few seconds as it ended when one of the tigresses plummeted down by a violent blow of the other tigress.

All the moments were delicately captured by the photographer in the series of stunning pictures which once again confirms the brutal law of the Jungle which says, 'survival of the fittest'.

These mind-blowing photographs of the fearsome moments were taken by the seasoned Photographer Aditya Singh on the outskirts of the reserve forest of Ranthambhore National Park, which is a highly popular tourist destination for the wildlife lovers.

The Ranthambore National Park is a dry deciduous forest which faces a shortage of water during the summer season and thus a watering hole is a very precious place in the forest to be claimed by a tiger at any cost.

Tigers are known to be a very territorial animal and when it comes to defending their territories, they become aggressive and go to extra miles to hold their territory.

Generally, female tigers are not being seen fighting so fiercely in the wild and thus such a sight is very rare. Both the tigresses are the mother of the three cubs each so water hole is really necessary for both of them for their cubs.

When both the tigresses along with their cubs arrived at this waterhole coincidentally at the same time, they have no choice to fight to claim the water hole. All the cubs ran away to hide when the fight sparked between the two mothers.

When one of the tigresses defeated in the fight that barely lasted for a few seconds, she decided to give up the fight and run away leaving the claim to the water hole to the winner.

Ranthambore tiger reserve is one of the most popular national parks for tiger safari and boasts of more than 60 tigers in the land which results in the conflict between tigers for the territory claim.